Community forestry in the DRC: first experiences, challenges and opportunities


Authors: Alphonse Maindo & François Kapa (eds)

DR Congo - 2014

Language: French


In this book the issue of community forestry in the DRC is addressed and some international experiences are presented as inspiration. Additionally, some lessons learned up to now are identified and non-dogmatic tracks solutions are recommended to understand this approach in its multiple dimensions.
This publication is an introduction to community forestry for local development based on forest resources. It aims to help in the identification and understanding of what is needed for an effective and successful implementation of community forestry in the DRC.

This book is structured around three main issues, namely: (1) documentation of ancestral capacity of local communities to manage their forests and identify the modern management initiatives of community forests; (2) lessons learned from other forest management experiments carried out by projects such as "Model Forest", "Makala Project" or "CARPE"; (3) lay down the principles of community forestry and identify their issues and challenges.

An ABC on community forestry that will detail the steps needed for the implementation of community forestry in the DRC will complement this publication in the near future.

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