A guide to forest governance


Authors: Alphonse Maindo, Jean-Luc Tulonde and Fraternel Amuri

DR Congo - 2015

Language: French


The sustainable management of forest resources is of crucial importance for rural people, the government and the international community, for the promotion of socio-economic welfare, protection of biodiversity and is fundamental for the fight against climate change. Additionally it could also represent a significant potential source of national revenue.

The Forest Law formulated in the 2002 reform of the sector aims at a sustainable management of forests and the improvement of this strategic sector for the national economy. Despite this in the DRC, the problem of illegal logging has not received the necessary attention from the government and the damage done to forests is the witness to this.

This guide focuses on improving forest governance by providing stakeholders a practical tool:

  • It gives an overview of forest governance in the DRC;
  • It summarizes the steps, requirements and fundamental elements of good forest governance;
  • It makes recommendations to the various stakeholders interested in forest governance in the DRC.

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