18 May 2021 DR Congo

Sustainable water and forests management in Tshopo: two Belgian NGOs search for a partnership and intervention areas

Forests and water are essential to climatic and ecosystem balances and to life. However, in the province of Tshopo, a heavily forested area, almost all rural populations are totally dependent on them for their livelihood. This raises the question of their sustainable management, which guarantees the availability of forest and fisheries resources for current and future generations. Of course, conservation is a natural choice, but it is important to ensure that this conservation represents a substantial concrete benefit for forest populations and that it contributes significantly to improving the living conditions of the people who live in and depend on forests. Therein lies the heart of Tropenbos' mission: to put knowledge at the service of people and forests, notably through more effective and inclusive governance of natural and forest resources.

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10 May 2021 DR Congo

Village forest committees in DR Congo take matters into their own hands

As soon as communities in DR Congo received formal forest rights, they established new rules for forest management. The result: fewer trees are being cut, and the communities are earning more money.

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29 April 2021 DR Congo

Towards sustainable and productive agriculture in Isangi Territory with PIREDD-O/Tshopo: the joint monitoring mission notes significant progress

The integrated Eastern REDD+ project (PIREDD-O) is a Congolese government project financed by the National REDD+ Fund (FONAREDD) through the support of the Central African Forest Initiative (CAFI) with the technical collaboration of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It aims to stabilise deforestation and forest degradation while sustainably improving the incomes of local communities in the dismembered Eastern Province. It is being implemented in three provinces of the dismembered province: Bas-Uele, Ituri and Tshopo.

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27 April 2021 DR Congo

The Netherlands Embassy delegation in DRC consults with environmental civil society, the University of Kisangani and the public administrations of Tshopo on climate and forestry issues

Forests are now at the heart of the world's concerns at all levels (global, regional, national, local etc.). Several initiatives are being taken to protect or, better, manage forests sustainably. Technical and financial partners are working together and combining their efforts for more effective action. In the DRC, they are united within the GIB Environment (Inter-Donor Group), which operates under a rotating annual chairmanship model.

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28 December 2020 DR Congo

Securing community forest rights through increased local control in DR Congo

For forest dependent communities, securing rights to forests and lands that they hold by tradition and customs is a prerequisite for local development. Introduced by the Congolese forest code for natural resources management, this ensures protection against expropriation with land titles issued by the provincial governor.

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16 December 2020 DR Congo

Video : Awareness-raising campaign for the use of renewable energies

A film has been produced in the framework of the Just and Equitable Energy Transition (JET) project

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