06 June 2024 DR Congo

Agroforestry, a tool for stabilising women and young people in rural areas

Driven by the search for better living conditions, the rural exodus is growing by the day, on the pretext that urban centres offer more advantages in terms of income-generating activities than rural areas, which are dependent on agriculture. This rural exodus is driven more by young people (girls and boys) and capable women of working age who could have taken up farming to meet the subsistence needs of their households. But often, at the ends of the earth, the urban El Dorado is nothing more than a chimera.

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05 June 2024 DR Congo

Securing land tenure through community forestry: the stones are part of the path

Faced with the various forms of land and forest grabbing by the elite to the detriment of ordinary people, the Congolese government has formalised community forestry as an effective strategy for empowering local communities in the sustainable management of forests.

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03 March 2024 DR Congo

Strengthening the resilience of indigenous peoples and local communities by securing land and livelihoods: the "SEFOMEPAC" project launched in Tshopo province

In the wake of land dispossession, which is exacerbating the vulnerability of forest-dependent peoples in a context of climate change, legal security of forests and land is still needed to support the livelihoods of these peoples.

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07 November 2023 DR Congo

Combating illegality in the artisanal logging sector: when pitsawyers are on the front line

Artisanal logging is one of the main drivers of forest degradation, but also of the local economy, as it generates jobs and income for many households in the DRC.

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11 June 2023 DR Congo

Farmers embrace cocoa agroforestry within community forest concessions in Bafwasende, DR Congo

Tropenbos DR Congo assisted communities to apply for local community forest concessions, which give them the right to use and manage their forests. Within the degraded parts of these concessions, Tropenbos DR Congo has been promoting agroforestry to improve livelihoods without putting pressure on the forest. This effort resulted in a surge of farmers adopting cocoa agroforestry practices throughout the Bafwasende landscape in 2022.

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12 October 2022 DR Congo

The province of Tshopo launches the creation of artisanal forestry units

An artisanal forest unit (UFA) is a part of the protected forest (private State domain) set aside and developed with a view to opening it up for timber cutting by artisanal operators duly authorised under the regulations in force. The management and creation of FMUs is the responsibility of the Provincial Governor in collaboration with the Provincial Administration in charge of forests.

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