About us


Tropenbos DRC is a Congolese environmental NGO member of the Tropenbos International network. It is a broker of knowledge and development in the tropical forest sector. Tropenbos International was founded in 1986 by Dutch students concerned about deforestation and degradation of tropical rainforests.

Tropenbos has been in the DRC since 2010. In 2017 it became a national legal entity of the DR Congo. Its objective is to promote the use of valid and adequate information to enable forestry partners to formulate and implement appropriate policies to manage forests sustainably for socio-economic development and ecosystem conservation.

In recent years, TB DR Congo has been promoting and supporting the implementation of responsible forestry policies and practices for the sustainable management of natural resources in order to improve people's livelihoods, stimulate sustainable economic development and contribute to environmental conservation. TB DR Congo has helped artisanal miners to organise themselves into legal associations in order to address the challenges they face in their activities, to comply with forest regulations and administrations, but also to speak with one voice and negotiate their position vis-à-vis the authorities. A directory of legal taxes developed by TBRD Congo has helped artisanal miners to defend themselves against administrative abuses by officials.

Our mission
Our mission is to improve the governance and management of tropical forests for the benefit of people, biodiversity and sustainable development. Our goal is to ensure that knowledge is used effectively in the formulation of appropriate policies and management of forests for conservation and sustainable development.
Our values
Our work is based on the core values of sustainability, inclusiveness and equity. In our view, sustainable, inclusive and equitable development is an achievable goal once stakeholders, especially local stakeholders, are involved in shaping the decisions that govern forest landscapes and value chains. TB DRC believes that evidence-based information, individual and organisational capacity and multi-stakeholder dialogue are essential for moving towards sustainable landscapes and value chains.
Orientation towards stakeholder needs. Integration of knowledge across disciplines and sectors

Our unique value
A focus on smallholders, indigenous peoples, local communities and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs
A central role for knowledge and dialogue to support decision-making about forests and trees
Long-standing and trusted relationships with key actors in the country and three target forest provinces
Membership of an international network with members throughout the forest tropics that links national experiences to international policy debate.