About us


Tropenbos DRC is a Congolese environmental NGO member of the Tropenbos International network. It is a broker of knowledge and development in the tropical forest sector. Tropenbos International was founded in 1986 by Dutch students concerned about deforestation and degradation of tropical rainforests.

Tropenbos has been in the DRC since 2010. In 2017 it became a national legal entity of the DR Congo. Its objective is to promote the use of valid and adequate information to enable forestry partners to formulate and implement appropriate policies to manage forests sustainably for socio-economic development and ecosystem conservation.

In recent years, TB DR Congo has been promoting and supporting the implementation of responsible forestry policies and practices for the sustainable management of natural resources in order to improve people's livelihoods, stimulate sustainable economic development and contribute to environmental conservation. TB DR Congo has helped artisanal miners to organise themselves into legal associations in order to address the challenges they face in their activities, to comply with forest regulations and administrations, but also to speak with one voice and negotiate their position vis-à-vis the authorities. A directory of legal taxes developed by TBRD Congo has helped artisanal miners to defend themselves against administrative abuses by officials.